Well brought up KPIs don’t bite!

This is an overview over a Webinar held 2015-11-19 for the FMCC.

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The term “performance measurement” may cause anxiety. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be collections of vague words that do not improve work. KPIs should show whether important work is going well. They should help, not threaten.
We can leave KPI troubles behind. KPIs should show how well important processes in FM
operations, programs, projects, or the building of staff capabilities, are progressing to meet strategies and needs. Closely related to KPIs are Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) that track threats against key processes and trigger responses.

KPIs are for important work. Only a small amount of information is “key.” KPIs and their supporting KRIs are, by design, simple, reliable measures. They can be vitally important friends. Making and keeping them is itself a deliberate, systematic process, and the subject of this FMCC webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the role of key processes in FM
  2. Compare and contrast a workplace culture of reliability and prevention with a culture of fault and blame
  3. See how KPIs gauge progress and KRIs gauge hazards
  4. Recognize that Key Process Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are integral process components that arise by design.
  5. Train your KPIs for process improvement
A FMCC-Webinar from 2015-11-19
by David Reynolds


David Reynolds

David Reynolds, founder of FM-Consult-Create brings an engineering, teaching, and technical consulting background to FM. His interests are facility design, operation and maintenance for optimum life cycle performance, innovation, emergency response and business continuity, and FM process design, performance measurement and improvement -­‐ the last three being his areas of focus.

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