Whose webinar is this?

Whose webinar is this? It is yours, of course.

Everyone attending is a principal stakeholder. While that is true and essential, it probably isn’t what the question brings to mind. Stephen Brown of fm_adviso wrote and will present this webinar: What is the difference? Emergency Planning, Risk Management and Business Continuity

His purpose is to furnish a condensed, undiluted, up to date, and FM relevant view of the justifications, knowledge, methods, and results to be expected from modern emergency planning, risk management, and business continuity.

stephen-brownStephen has more than 25 years as an FM, in company with academic work that includes an MBA and advanced graduate studies. He is an International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Certified Facility Manager (CFM) and trainer. He holds and maintains an array of other professional credentials. Especially important for our purposes here, Stephen is a qualified trainer of the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI.)

Stephen’s lively and career-long commitment to FM is evident in this engagement, with content that is plentiful and useful. Two of Stephen’s colleagues in Global Facility Management Alliance (GFMA), Markus Groll and David Reynolds, may assist.

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David Reynolds

David Reynolds, founder of FM-Consult-Create brings an engineering, teaching, and technical consulting background to FM. His interests are facility design, operation and maintenance for optimum life cycle performance, innovation, emergency response and business continuity, and FM process design, performance measurement and improvement -­‐ the last three being his areas of focus.

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