Want to get up to date?

Want to get up to date?

Emergency planning, risk management, and business continuity have grown into powerful, valuable, and entirely practical, areas of knowledge, skill, execution, and experience.

Organizations have long protected against losing people, facilities, resources, and business activity due to material, organizational and social/political disasters, mishaps and interruptions – at least the newsworthy ones. Many executives, managers, and staff provide alternative facilities, personnel, materials and equipment, insurance coverages, and communications for continuity of operations.

What could possibly be new in this clearly common sense area?

Quite a bit, actually, and most all of it deliberate, businesslike, and efficient in terms of practical experiences, hazards, and tradeoffs.

Want to get up to date? Join with us for several content filled hours about how emergency planning, risk management, and business continuity have matured to join into the regular flow of planned and budgeted business programs and projects in this webinar: What is the difference? Emergency Planning, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

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David Reynolds

David Reynolds, founder of FM-Consult-Create brings an engineering, teaching, and technical consulting background to FM. His interests are facility design, operation and maintenance for optimum life cycle performance, innovation, emergency response and business continuity, and FM process design, performance measurement and improvement -­‐ the last three being his areas of focus.

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