First, gain some height with us and look down

First, gain some height with us and look down at your business or organization –

its milieu, processes, technology, facilities, personnel, sources and resources.

What could happen to disrupt things?

Maybe do a SWOT analysis, just to keep track. You will probably find plenty of threats and vulnerabilities, in various sizes and likelihoods. Any and all are risks, but some combine severity and likelihood strongly, pointing themselves out for your attention. Others not so much, but worth recognizing.

Got risks? What to do?

Two things, really, now, before something happens. Reduce the risks, most severe first, if you can, and be prepared to respond to minimize loss and disruption if the threat comes calling.

That’s easy to say, but threats and risks can be multiple and complicated. A management process to help assure organizational resilience can be your defense. The next blog sketches an overall process to manage business continuity, from risk to recovery.


Webinar: What is the difference? Emergency Planning, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

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David Reynolds

David Reynolds, founder of FM-Consult-Create brings an engineering, teaching, and technical consulting background to FM. His interests are facility design, operation and maintenance for optimum life cycle performance, innovation, emergency response and business continuity, and FM process design, performance measurement and improvement -­‐ the last three being his areas of focus.

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