Plan everything that you can!

Emergency response, crisis management, and recovery are rich in contingencies. That’s a nice way of saying that you will always have to make some things up as you go. The point is that these be as few and as minor as possible.

You cannot plan everything, but do plan everything that you can.

The central core of our webinar begins with a rigorous analysis of business impacts then proceeds IN DETAIL all the way through the response of your organization –what to plan and how to know if the plans work, before they have to work. We have exercises to do together as we go along.

Come wide awake without distractions or interruptions. Our pace is deliberate and the material trimmed carefully. Every bit nourishes. We look forward to serving you and justifying your close attention.

Webinar: What is the difference? Emergency Planning, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

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David Reynolds

David Reynolds, founder of FM-Consult-Create brings an engineering, teaching, and technical consulting background to FM. His interests are facility design, operation and maintenance for optimum life cycle performance, innovation, emergency response and business continuity, and FM process design, performance measurement and improvement -­‐ the last three being his areas of focus.

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