FM Analytics – How to develop and refine your Facility Management Operations Strategy

The absolute reason that Facility Management (FM) exists is to support the mission of the organization.

Too many persons who work in FM become so focused on their responsibilities for maintenance, cleaning, office services, landscaping/grounds care, etc. that they lose sight of the sole purpose for which the FM unit exists – to provide the support needed by the business.

Persons who are new to an FM role may be so busy to become familiar with their responsibilities, they fail to take time to research the business needs.

Persons who have been in their FM role for a few years often become so involved in the day-to-day demands that they fail to pause and reflect on the how and why their areas of responsibility impact the organization.

There is a simple and logical reason that the business executives (the Corporate Suite or C-Suite) only view Facility Management as a Cost Center… a demand on business resources. It is because the Facility Manager has not yet displayed the astute awareness that the FM services are intended to support the organization’s productivity.

If you want the Facility Management unit to be recognized as a contributor for the organization, you must focus on what the business needs from FM.      Ask yourself these three questions…

What do the occupants really need in order to achieve maximum productivity ?

How can FM avoid un-needed and un-necessary expenditures ?

How can FM contribute more to benefit the organization ?

I am often surprised when I query Facility Managers if they are familiar with their organization’s Strategic Plan. Too often, the reply is yes but when I ask follow-up questions, the real position is different. Whilst they may have read (scanned?) the strategy document, they have not considered how their FM unit can and should be a contributor to support that plan.

When I follow up, I ask if there is a Facility Strategic Plan. Unfortunately, it is very rare that the reply is positive. “Too busy.” “Nobody told me. Or I didn’t realize I needed one.” “Would not know where to begin to create one.”

Step 1 is to read, review, study, and understand the Organizational Strategic Plan and how FM can support the vision.

Step 2 is to outline the FM responsibilities supporting the Organizational Strategic Plan.

Step 3 is to have an in-depth understanding of your FM and become prepared to align every functional responsibility toward the Organizational Strategic Plan and start drafting a Facility Management Strategic Plan.

For Steps 2 and 3, FM Analytics is an excellent place to start. It will measure the CAPABILITY and MATURITY of the FM unit which will then guide you to a defined strategy.

Engaged as a service, FM Analytics employs multiple actions to gather relevant information, analyze data, compare to established standards and best practices, and report the findings – often with recommendations to guide improvements.

The best applications of the service will involve:

  • Site audits by FM professionals to define existing conditions.
  • Reviews of records regarding Work Control, Equipment Maintenance Histories, Policies & Procedures, Staffing Plans, and more.
  • Surveys to gather representative samples of diverse perspectives that can include Executives, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Technicians, Occupants, Vendors, and Contractors.
  • Synthesizing the data into a program that compares the inputs and responses into a ‘dashboard’ and a report that identifies the areas where the unit is performing well and also the opportunities for improvement.

FM Analytics is based on a proven scientific modeling program that was initially used to measure software performance. That software-focused program evolved to also include services.

The current iteration of FM Analytics contains a vast library of questions that have been developed from global best practices and recognized core competencies from the premier FM and Plant Engineering organizations.

Global Facility Management Alliance (or GFMA)  is honored to present on FM Analytics at the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace conference and expo on Friday 05 October. This gathering of facility managers will have the opportunity to learn more of this exciting tool and how the program can help them rise to a new professional level in the industry.

IFMA's WWP 2018

Stephen Brown

Stephen has more than 25 years experience managing and advising on the built environment for corporate, public, and academic settings in the US, Europe, Caribbean and Middle East and has a diverse background of successes to draw from.

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