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In 2016, FM CONSULT-CREATE and GFMA initiated an efficient FM assessment approach and tools drawing from Capability Maturity Model Integration – CMMI.

Principals of FM CONSULT-CREATE and GFMA are strongly active in professional associations, especially the International Facility Management Association, IFMA.


Our approach, termed A2 for Assessment and Advisory, is now operational in pilot study phase. A2 enables an FM organization to select and undertake improvements in any FM area – with confidence that the choice is the right one among alternatives.

An essential element of Ais to sharply reduce the risk of setback due to an initiative not working out – not because the client did not see the potential benefits and allocate resources, but because the FM organization was unprepared in an unforeseen but essential way that could be put right in advance if detected and described using A2.  


  • Board Member (Secretary–Treasurer) for the IFMA Facility Management Consulting Council (FMCC),
  • Member of core committee for World FM Day, two days of FM webinars, panels, and interviews from around the globe.
  • Regular participant to

    • IFMA ENGAGE on-line community,
    • IFMA World Workplace,
    • IFMA Facility Fusion O.S., and
    • FM presence on the media.


FM Analytics – How to develop and refine your Facility Management Operations Strategy

Join us on Friday, 5th of October at WWP!

In cooperaion with Global Facility Management Alliance (or GFMA)  we are presenting on FM Analytics at the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace conference and expo in Charlote on Friday 05 October.


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  • peak preview
    • short courses including healthy homes,
    • think reliability,
    • BSC and Stacey Barr KPI boot camp.
    • Palisade conference, and
    • innumerable and diverse webinars.


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Since 2007, FM CONSULT-CREATE has worked on the public health problem of deteriorated lead based paint in residential and historical buildings to prevent lead poisoning and conserve architectural heritage.

FM CONSULT-CREATE serves community groups, NGOs, and public spirited commercial businesses without charge, as a source to clarify and answer facility management related questions, investigate problems, and cross check scope, feasibility, and risks of ideas or plans.

We have directed a substantial amount of effort toward healthy housing, specifically eliminating lead paint dust and debris exposure to children. Intake of lead bearing particles, even in small quantities, by breathing or swallowing, consistently leads to neurological developmental setbacks in children – that are not reversible.  Economical rehabilitation of historic properties with deteriorated lead based paint and recovery and reuse of components after demolition also motivate this work, where health and safety intersect with architecture, history, and aesthetics.

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