Strategic ability and tactical agility for Facility Management


FM CONSULT-CREATESM is the consulting firm of David Reynolds, CFM, FMP. The consultancy evolved from managing and directing projects and operations in engineering, information systems, and O&M, into problem solving that reliably reflects organization goals.

The vision of FM CONSULT-CREATESM is of actions planned and executed to reflect FM client business strategies and circumstances, ensuring FM visibility, alignment, and performance. Providing tools and know-how of lasting value constitute our mission.


FM-CONSULT-CREATESM maintains knowledge, skills, and credentials in the IFMA CFM competencies through continuing experience and education. We employ and stay up to date in several specialties respecting FM performance, priorities, opportunities, risks, and improvements, including:

FM organization appraisals

Investigating problems, finding solutions, and mitigating risks

Performance measurement designed to guide early and continuous improvements

Interactive process modeling, risk mitigation, and optimizing of outcomes for processes and assets using @RISKTM and the DecisionToolsTM Suite of Palisade Corporation

Collaboration between operations and maintenance and environment, health, and safety (EHS)


FM CONSULT-CREATESM is allied with Stephen Brown of FM-adviso SM, Designer Daniela Friess, and Markus Groll of isar1SM as Global Facility Management Alliance, GFMASM.

GFMASM brings integrated capabilities to FM CONSULT-CREATESM in a client engagement. These include model based FM appraisal methods exclusive to GFMASM, CAFM technologies, training toward FM a variety of knowledge, skills, credentials and certifications, emergency response and business continuity, and a wealth of in-depth program and project experiences conferring responsiveness, adaptability, and economy. The principals of the GFMASM serve as officers and volunteers in international and regional professional associations and have earned a variety of awards and certifications.


  • Construction and project management: individual and integrated capital projects
  • Data: design, acquisition, analysis, management, network security, migration to new models
  • Emergency management and recovery: planning, readiness, response, and recovery
  • Energy: electrical and petroleum production, distribution, economy, safety
  • Manufacturing: electronics, steam boiler protection, lumber, architectural glass
  • Municipal government: planning and zoning
  • Public use facilities: O&M in government, NGO, commercial, healthcare, green
  • Research & investigation: environmental, health sciences, operations
  • Systems: engineering, development, integration, implementation, deployment, O&M
  • Teaching and training: trades, technical, OJT, university
  • Transportation: air, offshore, inland marine O&M


David Reynolds, CFM, FMP

Jackson, MS, U.S.A.

Mobile +1 504 481 2627 U.S. Central Time

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